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Continuing Education

Continuing Education . Classes

Continuing Education + Community Outreach

Creative Clay Studio

Course No. YACR 350
Cost $275 Register Now
Sessions 10
Grades 3-6
Room 402
Instructor Abby Detwiler
Dates Session 1: June 15-June 26, Session 2: July 27-August 7 (M-F) – 14pm

Young artists are welcome in the clay studio at Cleveland Institute of Art. Explore your imagination by creating sculpture and pottery through the use of this tactile material. You will learn the skills of hand-building and the ways of the potter's wheel as you develop and translate your ideas into three-dimensional works of art. You will finish off your creations with high temperature (2350° F) glazes that will be fired off in our professional level kilns. Be prepared to get messy! Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear (old t-shirts and sneakers are best; no open-toed shoes). All skill levels are welcome.

Creative Studio for Art Teachers

Course No. CEFD 120 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 8
Room 301
Dates June 9 - July 28 (Tuesday) – 6:30 - 9:30pm

During a recent seminar at the Akron Art Museum local teachers determined that as artists, 80% were not able to make their own art for more 7 days a year. This class is the chance for you to regain some creative personal time and artistic enrichment. Follow your own forms of selfexpression through varied art making approaches, pen and ink, collage, painting, charcoals, pastels, the choice is yours! Individualized instruction, discussions and group critiques will encourage you to move beyond your comfort level and push your own boundaries.

Do as The Masters Do

Course No. YAFD 175
Cost $175 Register Now
Sessions 10
Grades 3-5
Room 302
Instructor Nicole Bozickovich
Dates Session 2: July 27-August 7 (M-F) – 1-3:30pm

This course will focus on studying master artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, David Gilhooly, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Warhol. Young Artists will create their own original artwork inspired by these master artists using new techniques and materials. Students will enjoy art history while exploring a range of experimental drawing and painting methods to create their own compositions.

Drawing Beyond the Pencil

Course No. YAFD 215
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 10
Grades 5-8
Room 302
Instructor Candice Dangerfield
Dates Session 1: June 15-June 26 (M-F) – 1-4pm

Sharpen your drawing skills and expand your artistic horizons using a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials. You will take your drawing abilities to a whole new level with projects designed to expand the application of fundamental drawing practices in new ways. We will establish the importance of keeping sketchbooks using the foundation of drawing and essential elements of visual art to practice, plan, and communicate creative ideas. What is the difference between looking and seeing? With class discussions, we will address this question as essential to the creative processes of the visual artist. Students of all skill levels are welcome to explore a variety of media and techniques to create artwork beyond the boundaries of what we commonly known as "drawing."

Exercise the Creative Mind

Course No. YAFD 215
Cost $425 Register Now
Sessions 10
Grades 5-8
Room 306
Instructor Candice Dangerfield
Dates Session 2: July 27-August 7 (M-F) – 9:30am-3:30pm

Are you creatively inclined and eager to explore multiple artistic connections? Join us and come full-circle in your artistic endeavors. Each class will center around individual or group exercises to help you develop and expand your artistic skills while nurturing your creative expression. We will explore many avenues including: journaling; creative writing; idea-generating and reference-building in sketchbooks; the use of alternative materials to develop and expand new ideas; and the kinesthetic correlation of visual art and the musicality of design, including the harmony and dissonance of color and art elements. We will also examine the therapeutic effect of using art to focus and calm the mind and body with the ultimate goal of learning to let go of expectations and create your best artwork ever! We will travel to various organizations within University Circle to enhance our artistic journey. Please bring a bag lunch.

Extreme Crocheting

Course No. YAFM 175
Cost $250 Register Now
Sessions 10
Grades 6-12
Room 210A
Instructor Annmarie Suglio
Dates Session 2: July 27-August 7 (M-F) – 9:30am-12pm

Explore the amazing technique of hand crochet! We will begin with the basics and by the end of the first class you will be a pro. You may think the fun ends there but now it can truly begin. Absolutely any material can be crocheted as long as it is basically a line and basically flexible. Anything from traditional yarn to that old slinky in your toy chest! Projects can vary from making clothing to large scale collaborations with your friends. We'll also soak up the sun by taking field trips to crochet outdoors, crocheting on and around nature itself. Crocheting is a useful and fundamental skill that can be the start of a whole life of art making. The possibilities are endless, let's get started!!

Face Value: Portraits

Course No. YAPT 400
Cost $310 Register Now
Sessions 10
Grades 9-12
Room 200
Instructor Melissa Harris
Dates Session 1: June 15-June 26, Session 2: July 27-August 7 (M-F) – 14pm

Try your hand…at the face! This fun and creative portraiture course not only focuses on the foundations of realistic representation, you will also learn to add your own expression and style through drawing and painting original portraits. Let’s find out what your imagination adds to a face you can already see! Great for all levels.

Glassblowing for Young Artists

Course No. YAGL 100
Cost $375 Register Now
Sessions 5
Grades 9-12
Room 403
Instructor Robert Coby
Dates Session 2: July 27-July 31 (One Week Intensive) (M-F) – 9:30am-3:30pm

This introductory-level glassblowing class will teach you the basics of manipulating hot glass. Starting with the bubble, you will learn ways to develop blown forms out of glass. We will use basic functional shapes like cups, vases, and ornaments as building blocks to gain an understanding of how glassblowing works. Each class we will add a different type of blown form to try; however, you will be encouraged to bring ideas of shapes and forms that you would like to blow. Wear natural fiber clothing (jeans and long sleeves recommended), close toe shoes and safety glasses. Bring water to stay hydrated. Please bring a bag lunch.

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Check out our CE Classes

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