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Continuing Education
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Story: Dec 17, 2014

Students animate, illustrate holiday greetings on behalf of ...

View details Fall 2014 Exhibitions

CIA Exhibition: Nov 07, 2014

Fall 2014 Exhibitions

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Story: Nov 15, 2014

Students capture two of the top prizes in museum's surreal d...

View details Spring 2015 Open House

Events: Mar 21, 2015

Spring 2015 Open House

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Social: about 21 hours ago via Facebook

Cleveland makes Fodor's top 25 must-see travel destinations for 2015, just days after appearing on Travel + Leisure magazine's list of the 50 "Best Places to Tr...

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Story: Nov 04, 2014

New CIA building taking shape; set for December completion

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Story: Nov 03, 2014

New Uptown Residence Hall featured in CIA video

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Story: Aug 18, 2014

CIA again named to "Best in the Midwest" list

Continuing Education . Classes

Continuing Education + Community Outreach

Screen Printing: Image, Color and Layer

Course No. CEPT 225 00
Cost $350 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 8
Dates February 5 - March 26 (Wednesday) – 6 - 9pm

This is a course that provides the introduction and beginning techniques of silkscreen printmaking. While exploring tools, inks, and image-making techniques, the student will also have the opportunity to experiment with multiple image-making combinations. Through out the course the student will get to know the print shop, screen printing ink, paper, and screens for the printing process, and more importantly, encouraging independent experimentation and play. Although screen printing is a relatively recent fine art process, the idea of the stencil and commercial printmaking dates as far back as woodblock printing in Japan. You donʼt need a shop to start screen printing! All you need is the tools. There are endless possibilities when using the screen printing process!


Course No. CEFM 225 00
Cost $275 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 6
Instructor William Lorton
Dates February 3 - March 24 (Tuesday) – 6 - 9pm

Presented as part of Bill Lorton’s Endangered Studies traveling curriculum, this course will explore the pattern rich processes of Shibori. This centuries-old method of dyeing utilizes binding, stitching, and clamping to impart stunning marks and patterns to fabric. We will focus primarily on the techniques practiced in the Arimatsu and Narumi regions of Japan, and will also experiment with direct application and color discharge. Dyes and chemical assists will be provided, but students must supply their own cotton and/or silk fabrics.

Soft Pastels

Course No. CEPT 160 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 8
Dates February 7 - March 28 (Saturday) – 1 - 4pm

Do you love to draw, or have an interest in exploring color? Pastel is pure color, lightfast, permanent, easy to use, and dries instantly. As the paper becomes the palette you will be able to working at your own pace. The class begin with easy exercises, and move into more complex compositions and subject matter. In the final weeks we will touch on portraiture with a live model. Artists of all levels are welcome!

Stop-Motion Animation/Claymation

Course No. YAAN 300 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 8
Dates Saturdays, February 7–March 28 (Saturday) – 12:30–4pm

Learn how to bring your creative storytelling to life visually, through stop-motion animation! You will write, draw, sculpt, paint, take photos, and edit! If you like to make up stories, take pictures, and make artwork using mixed media, this class is for you! We will begin our class by watching many funny, serious, and amazing stop-motion animations by a variety of artists and learn to recognize and put into effect the principles of animation. Working with a partner or individually, you will make up a short story and write it down. You will learn how to draw an effective storyboard to help tell your story visually. Then you will create your sets and characters using a combination of paper, clay, objects, toys, paint, etc. You will follow your storyboard to shoot your animation using your digital camera and tripod. We will edit and create sound for our animations using Final Cut. We will experiment with pixilation, claymation, paper animation, and object animation. Armatures and tie downs will be utilized to make your character magically walk or dance. You will create 1-3 animations each depending on your ideas. Get ready to have some fun! You will take home your animation(s) on a disc. Please bring your own digital camera and tripod.

Studio Foundations

Course No. YAFD 135 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 8
Dates February 7–March 28 (Saturday) – 1–4pm

In this introduction to drawing and painting in the studio environment, exposure to basic concepts and materials will offer you a strong foundation on which to build. The essential tools of an artist are the pencil and brush. You’ll use both, separately and combined, to generate multiple exercises and images. The elements and principles of color, perspective, shape, shading, and pattern are explored through projects. All of the projects will be guided by individual and written instructions. Every new challenge and concept will promote both your artistic confidence and vocabulary.

Telling Stories through Comics

Course No. YAIL 150 00
Cost $285 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 7
Dates February 14–March 28 (Saturday) – 9am – 12pm

Thinking Inside the Box: Telling Stories Through Comics introduces students to basic visual storytelling techniques. Students will learn about writing, character design, and composition in a combination that is entirely unique to comics. Over the duration of the course, students will use these tools to write and draw comics of their own.

Visual Ancestry: The Art of Your Family

Course No. CEFD 250 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 8
Dates February 3 - March 24 (Tuesday) – 6:30 - 9:30pm

Create one or more pictorial accounts ready to frame. This class includes using collage, painting, and drawing as a way to document personal family narratives. Join us as we utilize photos and visual symbols as inspiration to create works of art in telling ancestral stories. Learn techniques of making art that become the tools for showing the times and places of the past that has shaped your current family’s history.

Watercolor Landscapes

Course No. CEPT 375 00
Grad Course No. CEPT 5375 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Grad Cost $600 Register Now
Credits 0.0
Sessions 8
Dates February 2 - March 23 (Monday) – 6:30-9:30pm

Watercolor landscapes will introduce the foundations of working with watercolor paints in the studio environment. Watercolor painting makes use of transparent washes and in doing so allows for a bright image. A painting made with watercolor paints uses the white paper as a mirror to reflect and capture a luminous quality. Topics discussed and demonstrated in class are color theory, paint application, painting techniques, and paint manipulation. Each example will incorporate a new color theory lesson and a painting technique. You will be shown how to paint elements found in the landscape such as skies, rural and cosmopolitan environments, trees, and water. Many small quick paintings and fast dry time permits for a wide range of tricks and topics to explore. Almost all of the paintings are guided by a step by step process from beginning to end. Both group and individual attention will aid in your painting’s focus and direction. The beginner and novice painter will be encouraged.

BASIC Program

BASIC Program

April 18, 2015

Our Fall BASIC courses offer a wide variety of opportunities for K-12 educators.


Pre-College Program

Experience the life of an art student at CIA through this 2-week residential program.

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Community Works

Visiting artists, exhibitions, conference and symposia exploring socially engaged art.

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Uptown Residence Hall

Check out the new student digs.

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