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Story: Mar 03, 2015

Ceramics designers learned skills, gained confidence at CIA

View details 69th Annual Student Independent Exhibition

CIA Exhibition: Feb 13, 2015

69th Annual Student Independent Exhibition

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Story: Feb 18, 2015

CIA students create appealing designs for co-working space

View details CIA Financial Aid Nights

Events: Feb 24, 2015

CIA Financial Aid Nights

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Social: about 13 hours ago via Facebook

This Friday evening from 6-9pm, CIA Photo + Video students invite you to a closing reception for their exhibition, Happened Then, Happening NOW, at Micro Art Sp...

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Story: Jan 09, 2015

Time-lapse video shows completion of major construction on n...

View details Photography + Video Exhibition Closing Reception

Events: Mar 06, 2015 @ 78th Street Studios in Cleveland, Ohio

Photography + Video Exhibition Closing Reception

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Story: Nov 03, 2014

CIA video shows off new Uptown Residence Hall

View details Spring 2015 Open House

Events: Mar 21, 2015

Spring 2015 Open House

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Story: Aug 18, 2014

CIA again named to "Best in the Midwest" list

Cinematheque . 1/10-13: Fellini's 8, His Girl Friday, Diana Vreeland & more!

Cinematheque Blog

1/10-13: Fellini's 8, His Girl Friday, Diana Vreeland & more!

01/09/13  |  Posted by Cinematheque  |  Posted in Cinematheque

DIANA VREELAND: THE EYE HAS TO TRAVEL profiles longtime fashion czar
For over 50 years Diana Vreeland (1903-1989) was one of the fashion world’s foremost figures. She was fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar, editor-in-chief of Vogue, advisor to Jackie Kennedy, and discoverer of Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick. The new film DIANA VREELAND: THE EYE HAS TO TRAVEL recounts her stylish and colorful life with pizzazz. See this “scrumptious” (L.A. Times) movie on Saturday or Sunday.

Fellini's autobiographical "8½" turns 50 but remains eternally joyous and inventive
Voted the tenth best movie of all time in the 2012 Sight & Sound magazine poll, Federico Fellini’s semi-autobiographical fantasy is one of the landmarks of world cinema. Marcello Mastroianni plays a hugely successful Italian film director who finds himself at a creative impasse just as he is about to embark on his most elaborate project yet, which everyone expects to top all of his others. Fans, media vultures, and industry sycophants swarm around him like flies, so the beleaguered filmmaker escapes into private fantasies and nostalgic reveries. Catch a 50th anniversary presentation of this 1963 masterpiece, shown from 35mm, on Saturday or Sunday. Unmissable!

Howard Hawks' HIS GIRL FRIDAY is clever, frenetic, and downright hilarious
HIS GIRL FRIDAY (1940) is one of the greatest newspaper movies ever made -- and easily the funniest. Cary Grant plays a conniving editor who will do anything to win back his star reporter and ex-wife (Rosalind Russell) before she marries a boring insurance salesman (Ralph Bellamy) and moves away. He starts by convincing her to do one last story—on a convicted murderer scheduled for imminent execution—and soon all hell breaks loose in the newsroom and elsewhere! This breathless, hilarious screwball comedy has been called “perhaps the funniest, certainly the fastest, talkie comedy ever made” (Time Out Film Guide). Catch it in 35mm on Thursday or Friday. Before the film a member of Newspaper Guild Local One will speak briefly about their “Save The Plain Dealer“ campaign.

Noir series continues with James Cagney in explosive, Freudian WHITE HEAT
James Cagney plays a brutal, psychopathic gangster with a bizarre mother fixation (he sits on her lap as they plan heists) in Raoul Walsh's WHITE HEAT, an explosive, operatic, unforgettable 1949 crime picture that is on the National Film Registry. Virginia Mayo and Edmond O’Brien co-star. The Time Out Film Guide says that “White Heat = Scarface + Psycho.” Don't miss it in 35mm on Saturday or Sunday.

Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey, and Zac Efron star in sexy THE PAPERBOY
THE PAPERBOY, Lee Daniels’ follow-up to PRECIOUS, received the longest sustained standing ovation (16 min.) at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. It’s a lurid, tawdry, sexually-charged Southern melodrama, set in the torrid heat and alligator-infested swamps of 1969 Florida, about a Miami crime reporter (Matthew McConaughey) who returns to his backwater hometown to investigate a possible bum murder rap. John Cusack (startlingly scary) is the redneck death row inmate who may be wrongly imprisoned, Nicole Kidman (superb) is his skanky sexpot fiancée who lobbies for his release, and Zac Efron (sexy) is the reporter’s younger brother, a sultry slacker who lounges around in his tighty whities and witnesses the whole sordid circus. With Macy Gray. A 2012 New York Film Festival selection. Adults can see it Thursday or Friday in a 35mm color & scope print. Print this email and present it at the box office and pay only $7 ($6 if you're a Cinematheque member). It's our Deal of the Week!

This Weekend

Thu., Jan. 10, at 6:45pm
Fri., Jan. 11, at 7:30pm
Cary Grant in
Howard Hawks'
Shown to help
Save The Plain Dealer!

Thu., Jan. 10, at 8:45pm
Fri., Jan. 11, at 9:30pm
Nicole Kidman in
Lee Daniels'

Sat., Jan. 12, at 5:15pm
Sun., Jan. 13, at 8:15pm
James Cagney in
Raoul Walsh's

Sat., Jan. 12, at 7:30pm
Sun., Jan. 13, at 6:30pm
New fashion doc

Sat., Jan. 12, at 9:15pm
Sun., Jan. 13, at 3:30pm
50th Anniversary!
Federico Fellini's

Next Week

Thu., Jan. 17, at 6:45pm
Fri., Jan. 18, at 9:40pm

Thu., Jan. 17, at 9:00pm
Fri., Jan. 18, at 7:30pm

Sat., Jan. 19, at 5:15pm
Sun., Jan. 20, at 8:50pm

Sat., Jan. 19, at 7:25pm
Sun., Jan. 20, at 3:45pm

Sat., Jan. 19, at 9:45pm
Sun., Jan. 20, at 6:30pm

Tue., Jan 22, at 7:00pm
Special Offsite Event!
The Cinematheque at the
Capitol Theatre

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