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Apr 23, 2014

CIA grads win 25% of nation's top retail design honors

View details CIA's Traveling Sketchbooks make a last stop at MOCA


Mar 15, 2014 @ MOCA Cleveland in Cleveland, OH

CIA's Traveling Sketchbooks make a last stop at MOCA

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Apr 17, 2014

Design major gets zombie's reception at her former school

View details The Accident: Recent Work by Nicky Nodjoumi

cia exhibition

Mar 28, 2014

The Accident: Recent Work by Nicky Nodjoumi

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about 2 hours ago via Facebook

CIA produced its first three medical illustration (later to become biomedical art) grads in May 1977, shown here, left to right: Diane Kastelic, Mark Sabo, and Jan Rapp. #throwbackthursday #tbt #ciatbt

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Apr 16, 2014

Alumnus and superhero comics writer Brian Bendis visits CIA

View details Dinner by Design – Art of the Table, and a runway show

cia exhibition

Mar 28, 2014

Dinner by Design – Art of the Table, and a runway show

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Apr 15, 2014

Students win $11,000 in Dealer Tire art competition

View details 2014 Spring Design Show

cia exhibition

Apr 22, 2014 @ Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland in Cleveland, OH

2014 Spring Design Show

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Apr 22, 2014

4/24-27: Bernard Hermann weekend with CITIZEN KANE, MARNIE & more!

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Aug 20, 2013

CIA named one of the "Best in the Midwest"

View details 2014 Spring Illustration + Animation Show

cia exhibition

Apr 22, 2014

2014 Spring Illustration + Animation Show

Blog . Nov. 3-6: Cave Of Forgotten Dreams, Passione, Bellflower & More!


Nov. 3-6: Cave Of Forgotten Dreams, Passione, Bellflower & More!

11/02/11  |  Posted by Cinematheque  |  Posted in Cinematheque

John Turturro's music doc PASSIONE is Neapolitan "Buena Vista Social Club." Naples, Italy has been a musical melting pot for centuries, and John Turturro's romantic, rapturous new movie PASSIONE celebrates the city's many songs and singers. The actor-director guides us through 23 beautifully filmed musical numbers. The Wall St. Journal has called PASSIONE "a must see...The Buena Vista Social Club of Naples." Feel the heat on Friday or Saturday. WINCHESTER '73 opens Anthony Mann / James Stewart Western series WINCHESTER '73 (1950) was the first of five celebrated Westerns that Jimmy Stewart made with director Anthony Mann (and the only one in black and white). It's a fast-moving, action-packed affair about a cowboy who relentlessly pursues the thief who stole his brand-new rifle. Shelley Winters and Dan Duryea co-star in this landmark film that, according to Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide "was largely responsible for renewed popularity of Westerns in the 1950s." See it in a 35mm print on Thursday or Saturday. Watch director Allan Arkush (ROCK 'N' ROLL HIGH SCHOOL) talk about Anthony Mann and WINCHESTER '73 as the original trailer plays in the background. Original Israeli version of THE DEBT premieres in Cleveland THE DEBT (HA-HOV) is a 2007 Israeli drama recently remade by Hollywood with Helen Mirren and Jessica Chastain. In both movies, three Mossad agents capture a notorious Nazi doctor in the 1960s but subsequently let him get away. Too embarrassed to admit their mistake, they claim they killed him during his escape attempt. But when the bad doctor resurfaces in Europe three decades later, the agents, now 30 years older themselves, must find and stop him before he reveals the truth about their lie. The great Gila Almagor stars in the original film, which we will show Thursday and Sunday. This "intense thriller" (Variety) was nominated for four Israeli Film Academy awards. Here's the trailer, which doesn't have subtitles. But if you've seen the remake, you'll know what's happening. And if you haven't seen the Mirren DEBT, then don't miss the Almagor one. In fact, print this email and present it at the box office and see the 2007 DEBT for only $7 ($5 if you're a Cinematheque member). It's our Deal of the Week. (Limit two discount admissions per print-out) Apocalyptic custom-car drama BELLFLOWER is stunning directorial debut Evan Glodell's BELLFLOWER is a must-see directorial debut with an overall score of 72 (out of 100) on! Two Mad Max-obsessed slacker friends build a flame-throwing muscle car in anticipation of the coming apocalypse. But when a femme fatale enters their lives, she ignites a pre-Armageddon Molotov cocktail comprised of equal parts jealousy, testosterone, and nihilism. Roger Ebert has called BELLFLOWER "a scrappy indie movie that comes out of nowhere and blows up stuff real good. It also possibly represents the debut of a one-of-a-kind filmmaker, a natural driven by wild energy, like Tarantino." Entertainment Weekly hails it as a "lavishly lurid youthquake psychodrama." See it in a 35mm color & scope print (at the corner of Bellflower and East Boulevard) this Friday or Sunday. A DVD of the film and an LP of the soundtrack will be given away at each screening! Werner Herzog's CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS shows in 2D (but also 35mm) In the amazing CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS , legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog gains exclusive access to the heavily protected and mostly inaccessible Chauvet Cave in southern France. Discovered in 1994, the cave contains the earliest known human paintings (approx. 30,000 years old). Herzog also narrates this movie that was shot in digital 3-D, but which we will show in 35mm 2-D on Saturday and Sunday. This Week's Films Thu., Nov. 3, at 6:45 pm Sat., Nov. 5, at 5:15 pm James Stewart in Anthony Mann's WINCHESTER '73 Thu., Nov. 3, at 8:40 pm Sun., Nov. 6, at 6:30 pm The Israeli original! THE DEBT Fri., Nov. 4, at 8:00 pm Sat., Nov. 5, at 7:10 pm John Turturro's celebration of Neapolitan music PASSIONE Fri., Nov. 4, at 9:45 pm Sun., Nov. 6, at 8:30 pm Mad Max goes SoCal! BELLFLOWER Sat., Nov. 5, at 9:00 pm Sun., Nov. 6, at 4:15 pm Werner Herzog's CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS (in 2-D) Next Week's Films Thu., Nov. 10, at 6:45 pm Sat., Nov. 12, at 5:15 pm BEND OF THE RIVER Thu., Nov. 10, at 8:35 pm Sun., Nov. 13, at 4:30 pm THE FUTURE Fri., Nov. 11, at 7:30 pm Sun., Nov. 13, at 8:40 pm BENDA BILILI! Fri., Nov. 11, at 9:15 pm Sat., Nov. 12, at 7:05 pm AMIGO Sat., Nov. 12, at 9:30 pm Sun., Nov. 13, at 6:45 pm ANOTHER EARTH The Cinematheque The Cleveland Institute of Art 11141 East Boulevard Cleveland, OH 44106 Phone: (216) 421-7450

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