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Interior Design
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Story: Oct 21, 2014

Senior curates exhibition of current students, recent grads ...

View details Adam Markanovic: No Body to Love

CIA Exhibition: Oct 17, 2014

Adam Markanovic: No Body to Love

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Story: Oct 20, 2014

CIA grad transforms Corvette into canvas on wheels

View details Unruly Engagements Conference

Events: Nov 06, 2014 @ Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland, OH

Unruly Engagements Conference

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Social: about 16 hours ago via Facebook

What does it mean in contemporary art and design to be socially engaged? Cleveland Institute of Art invites you to attend an international conference November 6...

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Story: Aug 27, 2014

New residence hall welcomes first-year students in comfort, ...

View details Opening Reception Community Works: Artist as Social Agent

CIA Exhibition: Nov 07, 2014

Opening Reception Community Works: Artist as Social Agent

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Story: Aug 18, 2014

CIA again named to "Best in the Midwest" list

View details Fall 2014 Open House

Events: Nov 15, 2014

Fall 2014 Open House

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Story: Jul 23, 2014

Professor's productive year saw exhibitions, acquisitions, r...

Academics . Community Works 

Community Works: Artist as Social Agent

Cleveland Institute of Art will dedicate its 2014-15 academic year to an in-depth look at the many roles of art and artists in society with Community Works: Artist as Social Agent

Community Works: Artist as Social Agent is a multilayered, year-long effort that will explore the nature of art and social engagement through:

  • A national conference on the capacity of art and design for social agency,
  • Exhibitions and related public programming by national and international artists 
  • Residencies by acclaimed artists 
  • Roundtable discussions and a public presentation by a visiting Woodrow Wilson Fellow 
  • A regional symposium to debate the efficacy of contemporary art and design as activist practices beyond the academy 
  • Three new undergraduate courses 
  • High school student involvement through CIA’s Art + Achievement program

From September 2014 through May 2015, these events and people will help the CIA community explore new opportunities for artists, designers, urban neighbors, and other community partners to work together in order to effect positive civic engagement and social change.

“By bringing in visiting artists and speakers who represent a variety of perspectives and backgrounds, we hope to present a comprehensive look at the range of expression that may be considered socially engaged art,” said Bruce Checefsky, director of CIA’s Reinberger Galleries. 

In addition to the elements listed above, Community Works: Artist as Social Agent will also include a community partnership in which students at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine will take a portraiture class taught by CIA faculty.

Artists and designers have a unique opportunity, and perhaps responsibility, to address social and civic concerns, engaging their talents and skills to bring about positive transformations and connections focused on civic engagement, community organizing, social change, social justice, participatory democracy, community building, and community development. Artists and designers can lend a voice – or an image, or meaning – to complex social, public processes and spaces, creating an ever-evolving community dialogue. Public engagement and urban revitalization are at the heart of this yearlong series of Community Works activities that CIA is undertaking.

Over the course of the year, CIA in partnership with other members of the community will openly seek answers to questions such as:

  • What is the capacity of art and design for social action? 
  • How can artists and designers effectively partner with other individuals, neighborhood groups, grassroots organizations, and institutions in the development and realization of innovative, community-based projects that will enhance the quality of life for constituencies? 
  • How can these relationships maintain and nurture the values of mutual reciprocity and respect? 
  • What are the most effective means of facilitating access to the creative economy for all who care to participate in it?

Addressing these questions will enable the CIA community to spark public discourse on the underlying theories, politics, and feasibility of social engagement projects in Greater Cleveland.

The programs included in Community Works are examples of Cores + Connections, CIA's academic commitment to building better futures by engaging students in community-based learning, real-world projects, and social practices.

CIA thanks its sponsors, Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, The George Gund Foundation, and the Cleveland Foundation through its Creative Fusion initiative. CIA's George P. Bickford Fund and its Louis D. Kacalieff Visiting Artists and Scholars Endowment are providing crucial support to Community Works. CIA also thanks the following community partners for their cooperation: Cleveland Clinic, and the Cleveland Metroparks.

Cuyahoga Arts and Culture
Cores + Connections

Cores + Connections

Learn more about CIA's proven method for academic and professional excellence.

CIA's Community Works series focuses on socially engaged art

September 26, 2014

CIA's Community Works series focuses on socially engaged art

Wilson Fellow, visiting artists, exhibitions, conference, and new courses reimagine the roles of artists in society more

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Community Works

Visiting artists, exhibitions, conference and symposia exploring socially engaged art.

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Uptown Residence Hall

Check out the new student digs.

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Cores + Connections

Learn more about CIA's proven method for academic and professional excellence.